Do we tap the shoes?

We only tap shoes purchased from us.

What kind of taps can I choose from?

These are our several kinds:

Can I add rubber behind my taps?

Can I put full rubber on a character style shoe?

Sure. Dance soling comes in black or tan.

Can I have a leather build up added to my tap shoes?

Yes. These are referred to as half soles (even though they cover the whole sole) and heels. They can be purchased separately if you want to build just the sole or just the heel

Can I add taps and rubber to a built up shoe?

Definitely. We can even build up shoes that have already been worn… they don’t need to be brand new

What is a metatarsal bar?

It is a strip of leather added to the shoe behind the tap that is designed to support the metatarsal bones in the foot. You’ll definitely feel the difference in the comfort of your tap shoe.

Can you fix rips in the leather of my shoes or reattach a loose sole?

We’ll sure try. We can do some pretty unbelievable repairs but we can’t work miracles!

Do you sell shoe dye?

Yes, we sell a complete line of shoe dye for satin pointe shoes.